The K-12 Story Problem Challenge (an Algebra Challenge) has concluded. Riddle Books will be made available at this time for use with the Challenge.

It is possible that the game will be available both just before and after the above time, but game play that happens before or after these times shown will not count towards the results and our week’s goal.

There is no limit to how much time each student can use to play during this period, but we recommend at least 2 hours of game play spread throughout the week. This is usually enough time to complete the game, even without any knowledge of pre-algebra. Take as much time you need; this is not a race!

Private schools, home schoolers, and the like are also invited. Please contact us if you have questions about your student structure can fit into this year’s K-12 Story Problem Challenge.

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What is this about Mastery?

The game looks at the last three problems. Two of the last three problems must meet the following criteria:

 Add & subtract: Each problem done in under 60 seconds and 2 mistakes or less

 Multiply & Divide and Fractions: Each problem done in under 120 seconds and 5 mistakes or less

 Two step: Each problem done in under 180 seconds and 8 mistakes or less

Note that if a student can meet these criteria on the first two problems that they are not made to do a third.

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