Go to the user registration page. You will see a form that looks like the one to the right.

This is the page you will fill in to make an account on the teacher portal. If your school is not in our list please just enter it manually.

Please keep track of your username and password. These will be needed to login again later!

If you have lost your password, do not worry! Please contact support@nullalgebrachallenge.org with as much login information as you can remember and we will do our best to get your account reactivated.

You will also need to read the Terms of Service and agree to them before you get to the next page.

If you have already signed up, please go to this link and enter your user name and password.

Once you are in the Copilot, you will see a screen like this. (You may click any picture to see it full sized.)


You will be able to choose the grade level of your class and the size.



You can also add a new class so all the classes you teach can participate in the Algebra Challenge.


A new drop down will appear so you can add your class information using the drop down menus again.


Once you have finished adding all your classes to the list, you’re ready to enter your students.


Adding students is easy after you choose your class from the menu on the left.


Type in the needed information into the boxes, using the drop down menus to help make your job easier! Add more students using this button at the bottom of the screen:


If you want to remove a student, just hit the red “x” next to the name and click save.


Don’t forget to save your changes often!