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With our recently extended end date, we’ve revamped our entire spread the word page! Make your Riddle Books challenge a success by downloading and sharing these great materials! Free to send us an action shot of the flyers in your location for our Facebook page! We want to see your school’s support!

Riddle Books Screenshots

Take the mystery out of Riddle Books and share these fantastic updated screenshots with your colleagues, teachers on the fence about signing up, parents, and students! Showing a wide variety of problem types and typical screens you will encounter, we have eight screenshots ready for you to discover just some of the things Riddle Books has to offer.



We have updated our K-12 Story Problem Challenge flyer to help you get the word out! How do I know which to use?

  • Do you have some serious problem solvers, or older students? Try Books and Stars! Designed to suit middle school students and up, this will help remind students of the June 5th end date!
  • Looking to add a bit of extra fun to story problems? The Extra Fun Edition features Riddle Book characters Taco and Cookie!

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They’re designed to let you keep your profile photo intact! Right click and “save as” will work through most browsers. There’s room to customize, too. On Facebook, encourage everyone to “join us”! For Twitter, remind followers “if you can read it, you can solve it”!

Facebook cover, Taco/Cookie Join Us Version
Facebook cover, Girls (back of heads)
Facebook cover, Student, soft focus
Facebook cover, Students in a lab
Twitter banner, Students 1
Twitter banner, Students 2
Twitter banner, Students 3
Twitter banner, Taco/Cookie Challenge Slogan

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